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New campagnolo ultrashift compatible gear housing…

Apr 22, 2010 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown

We’ve been working for some time on the latest generation of Vertebrae ceramic cable housing which will be 100% compatible with 2009 & 2010 campagnolo lever bodies previously requiring “ultrashift” 4.1mm cablesets.

The new housing will have a diameter of just under 4.0mm (3.99mm without the spinal wrap to be more precise), hence no modifications will be necessary to your existing levers. This product is currently in the prototype & testing phase. We estimate that it will be ready to purchase online by Autumn/Fall of 2010. Until this date, the best solution for campy users is to obtain a 4.8mm drill bit and drill out your levers SLOWLY by hand; this little trick allows you to use any cable housing on the market, not just ours. Note that pre-2008 levers can accommodate our standard 4.6mm housing.

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  1. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    Check here for more details about the new vertebrae cable housing to suit campagnolo 11 speed ergolevers.

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