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Vertebrae Anubis announced.

Lug 18, 2010 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown
Vertebrae Anubis is the latest generation of gear cable housing specifically designed to work with Campagnolo ergopower controls. Anubis features black slimline alumina ceramic vertebrae, which are compatible with the new shiftlevers without the need for any modifications.
The benefits of Anubis over standard cable housing are: precision shifting over time, reduced finger effort, lighter weight, no need for lubrication, and of course significantly greater longevity. Anubis is currently in the prototype/testing phase and will be available for release at the end of October 2010. Further details will be released before then.

It’s widely known that Campagnolo have recently reduced the diameter of their Ultrashift gear cable housing to 4.1mm with the introduction of their 11 speed system. Many cyclists have experienced various shifting ‘issues’ while some have even resorted to riding with 10 speed in the interim. We’ve previously reported on the disadvantages of undersize gear cable housing; unless the overall design and/or material of housing is changed, undersized housing leads to imprecise gear shifts (this is because the cable housing is more likely to compress when the gear cable is under tension, since the outer housing has less surface area to inhibit these forces).

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  1. Dr Leslie Brown Says:

    “Q: Are you still planning to release Vertebrae Anubis this month?”


    Thanks for your enquiry & sorry for the delay.

    Like lot of things these days, unfortunately there have been several manufacturing delays. We are still 100% committed to vertebrae anubis and we expect it to be ready at the end of November. The delay was brought about because we decided to go with a super-strong PEEK liner material which is *very* costly to produce. It is one of the only polymers with the right characteristics for this application (have a look at the properties of the peek water bottle cage bolts we are now selling).

    In the mean time, we can say that we’ll also be releasing a 99% alumina version of the 4.6mm housing around the end of the year too. The pricing will be between the standard alumina and ZTA versions. Also look out for a review with in the near future. We will be updating the website news section with all this info when we have a spare moment.

    Thanks for your interest in Vertebrae Components,

    Dr. Leslie Brown (Mat Sci)

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