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Vertebrae product logos now displayed.

Mag 26, 2010 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown

Pictured below are two new Vertebrae colours cot previously shown (grey and tan). The Vertebrae logo is now printed on the outer casing:

The other news is that all Vertebrae ZTA gear kits will be supplied with black slick-coated jagwire cables and black alloy end crimps as the photo below shows. We’re still working hard to try and find black brake cables in 1.5mm diameter…

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  1. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    If you are an existing Vertebrae customer and would like some new labels, just e-mail us and we’ll send you a few free. But please note: we won’t be sending out any ZTA labels unless of course you’ve bought a ZTA kit from us.

    We never intended to remain anonymous – obviously we’d like other cyclists out there to know what cable housing you have installed. Displaying our product name is the easiest way to achieve this.

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