Vertebrae, the most advanced cable housing in the world

The gossip spreads!

Ago 16, 2009 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown

Firstly, a big thankyou to who posted this news story about Vertebrae last Monday the 10th of August. We are continuing to receive a great number of vistors through that article, as well as the additional forum comments!

Next we’d like to acknowledge Jason from fairwheelbikes for this excellent review.

Thanks also for the special mention by the following blogs: nippleworks, cozybeehive, allthingsfo and 2wheelspot (even though the tone of the last two were definitely tongue-in-cheek).

Here’s what people are saying about Vertebrae in other countries:
Mentioned again recently on the and julmtb websites in France
Light Bikes Italy in Poland in Brazil and in Belgium in Spain in Sweden in the Czech republic
Jitensha Tanken from Japan

We were also recently mentioned on the and forums, but we can no longer find the exact links to these pages.

(we also got caught out promoting Vertebrae over at BikeMagic)

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