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Vertebrae Anubis – SNEEK PEEK

Nov 8, 2010 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown
Numerous customers have recently enquired about Vertebrae Anubis cable housing as our expected delivery date came and went. Apologies to everyone for the delays & lack of updates regarding this product. This is just a confirmation that we have been busy behind the scenes and we are still working on it…
The special black anubis vertebrae were delayed in production; here are some photos of the current prototypes…

The other main reason for the delay is that we chose to go with a high-performance PEEK liner, another world first for bicycle cable housing (more on PEEK’s unique properties below). Because of that decision, we now expect Vertebrae Anubis to be ready at the end of November [2010] and we firmly believe it will be worth the wait. We don’t want to take orders until it is 100% in stock and ready to ship. When it becomes available, we will update the product page to include anubis as an selectable option.

This linear aromatic polymer is semi-crystalline and is widely regarded as the highest performance thermoplastic material currently available. PEEK has repeating monomers of two ether and ketone groups, hence the name.

What sets PEEK apart from fluoropolymers is the fact that PEEK polymer retains its mechanical properties at extremely high temperatures (continuous service temperature of 500ºF/260ºC). Thinwall PEEK is more flexible and kink resistant than aluminum tubing. PEEK is naturally tan in color and can be pigmented black.

In other related news, our high-performance 99% alumina version should also be available to the public before the end of 2010.

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  1. Kim Says:


    Are you guys EVER going to release this?

  2. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    It’s no secret that our main business is Pro Bike Hire in Tenerife. We had a very successful Winter season, so unfortunately the development of the anubis version of vertebrae had to take a back seat. The current status is that the ceramic parts are here but we are working on the liner & cable for it.

  3. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    Here are the latest updates:

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