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Free samples at Eurobike 2011

Ago 18, 2011 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown
Free samples of Vertebrae at Eurobike 2011! For 2011, we are again represented at Eurobike. There will also be 50 free 2″ samples of vertebrae up for grabs in the clear colour.
We have organised to have the new Vertebrae anubis on display at Eurobike 2011, mounted on an all-new show bike built by A2J at the Carbon Sports / Lightweight tent on press day (30th August). We will also have a few different lengths of vertebrae housing on demonstration for you to touch and feel at the German Carbon Group stand (THM-Carbones booth in Hall A2 booth 205).

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  1. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    Well I was personally rather disappointed when some photos of the A2J bike cropped up on with the same old standard nokon brake and gear lines installed.

    We forked out €140 for an urgent courier to get the vertebrae anubis set there *pronto*, one of only 3 sets in the world at present. I think the least they could have done is told me about the component swap.

    While I’m at it, the same thing has happened with
    Believe it or not, but Mr Charles Manantan has had a free set of vertebrae since late 2009. We were supposed to see an exclusive review; instead all we got were empty promises…


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