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optional FEP copolymer wrap now available on selected products

Mag 25, 2010 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown
This week we are releasing a new optional FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) copolymer wrap for all pre-manufactured vertebrae cable housing (Intervene & Custom ZTA vertebrae).
One advantage of FEP is that it is completely transparent (as opposed to the pre-existing ‘clear’ coloured polyolefin heatshrink which is actually has a more translucent finish).

The main benefit of FEP however is that grease and dirt will not adhere to this material. It simply wipes off with a clean rag, leaving your vertebrae housing completely clean and free of grease marks. FEP is very flexible once it has undergone heatshrinking; FEP also has a very high tolerance to heat, solvents and other chemicals compared to conventional polyolefin heatshrink materials.

NOTE: This option will not be available for the basic self-assembly kits since FEP has a straight tubing form factor before heat shrinkage, complicating the postage of our product.

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