Vertebrae, the most advanced cable housing in the world

Vertebrae comes to Australia!

Lug 3, 2010 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown
Vertebrae brake housing makes a brief appearance in the next July-August issue of Bicycling Australia Magazine on page 38 as a new product announcement. The editors of Bicycling Australia Magazine have informed us to expect a more detailed review later in the year.

Vertebrae Components ceramic gear housing is also shown in the tri-monthly August-September-October issue of Mountainbiking Australia Magazine, as a new product announcement on page 24. Again, we’ve been told that you can also expect a more detailed review to appear later in the year.
In other news, we have already sent evaluation kits to Spoke magazine & Road Cycling NZ. Next on the list are RIDE Australia magazine & Canadian Cyclist. Meanwhile, Ridemag seems to have misplaced their kit and we haven’t heard a single word back from despite more than a few e-mails. Other reviews are pending ( and we’ll keep you posted as they appear…

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