Vertebrae, the most advanced cable housing in the world

Refurbished vertebrae ceramic gear/brake cable housing available on ebay…

Set 8, 2019 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown

We are trying very hard to produce #zerowaste! As such, we are now offering one gear or brake kit in a refurbished condition.

What does that mean? The ceramic parts have been salvaged from a previous bike build. So just to clarify, the ceramic parts have been used previously and they are now repackaged in a refurbished (or preloved) condition. We have only one of these kits available and it will come with brand new packaging and all of the other associated parts listed here are also new: liner, ferrules, spinal wrap, labels, instructions and end crimps.

You have a choice of the following colours:

black, clear, white, grey, salmon, sky blue, dark blue, yellow, red (more like vermillion), orange, purple, crimson (which looks more like fuschia/pink really) and tan.

The auction will start at 1¢ and it is scheduled to come online tomorrow, the 9th of September, beginning at 20:00 AEST. The auction will last 10 days. This will be the last of any kits available until 2020 so we here at wish you good luck!

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