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Ott 17, 2009 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown
We recently sent out some some vertebrae test kits to a few big name bike mags to get reviewed. Namely: BikeRadar, Cycling Weekly, Arueda and PezCyclingNews. Look out for us in their “new product announcement” and/or “product reviews” section in the not too distant future! We are very much looking forward to hearing their opinions & feedback about vertebrae!
Also, we’d like to give a special thanks to those particular publications for merely giving us a chance. We previously thought it was easy to get considered for a review, now we know better. We are still looking for new opportunities with bike several other mag editors, but so far a lot of them have ignored our emails…

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  1. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    Great News!

    A representative from Cycling Weekly called me up today to inform me that a Vertebrae product announcement would appear in tomorrow’s issue of Cycling Weekly (29th October)!

    I believe it will only appear in the printed version of the magazine and not necessarily on their website – so in order to see it, you’ll have to buy the mag. I look forward to receiving my copy in the mail some time soon.

    Thanks very much!

  2. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    We’re also advertising in the March & April issues of MBR magazine.

  3. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    I have insider info that the bikeradar review of our brake housing will appear online next month. Same goes for the arueda… no news on pezcycling yet.

  4. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    Further to bike magazine reviews, we have sent out four more kits to be tested. One each goes to singletrackworld, bicycling magazine, 220 Triathlon and Bike magazine.

  5. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    We’ve just sent out a few more cable housing kits this week to be evaluated by various prominent cycling magazines; two famous US mags and Australian publications, namely: MountainBike action (MBA), Road Bike Action, Bicycling Australia and Mountain Biking Australia.

    Tour Magazin, Bike Magazin, Road Bike Magazin, Fiets, Ciclismo a Fondo and Ciclismo en Ruta are already on the cards… if you know of any other mags not listed here, and you think they might be interested in reveiwing our products, please list them in the comments below. Thanks.

  6. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    Here’s the article printed in Singletrackworld:

  7. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    The editor of 220 Triathlon has informed me that there is a Vertebrae product announcement in the July issue #248.

  8. Dr. Leslie Brown Says:

    “New product wise, they are in the next issue of Bicycling Australia (mid-late June) and the next MBA (mid July). “Review wise it will be towards the end of the year.”

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