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I knew this day would come.

Set 10, 2021 by Dr. Leslie Dean Brown

22/02/2022 22:22:22

I know this is not the news you all want to hear…

But unfortunately we are out of stock of ceramic segments (enough to place a normal order that is).
It will be a while before we will be up and running again…

I knew this day would come. With the introduction and adoption of hydraulic braking and electronic shifting, we have seen demand for top-quality cable housing plummet. The last ~5 years has not been an easy time for vertebrae. Also partly due to personal circumstances (financial, physical and emotional). I’ve been a bit depressed lately.🙁

I have temporarily turned off the online shop so no new orders can be placed. Rather than quit completely, I’d prefer to take a longish break, and focus on my physical and mental health during this time. If I had to pick a new date out of the blue to aim for, I’ll pick 22/02/2022 at 22:22:22. Partly because it has a lot of “twos” in it. But mainly because it’s the first date that I can think of that gives me a few months to rest and then refocus my efforts. I think this will give me just enough time before reopening.

Kind regards,

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