Vertebrae Ceramic, the most advanced cable housing in the world

Combining engineering science & industrial design.

Vértebræ gear and brake lines are the ultimate upgrade for cable-operated bicycle brake and gear systems. We use the very latest technology and exclusive, advanced materials to create products that will outperform and outlast everything else with absolutely minimal maintenance. Vertebrae ultimately requires less attention than the competition, not more. The world’s most advanced cable housing.

Special-edition X-Ray clear version

  • Stronger brakes with a more linear feel.
  • Easier gear shifting and smoother braking.
  • Ideal for long cable runs.
  • No cable tension adjustments over time.
  • Better cable routing on all types of bikes.
  • No need to lubricate.
  • Easy to clean.
  • No interference with other components.
  • Totally silent operation.
  • Less cable rub.
  • Totally corrosion-free.
  • A reuseable modular construction.

The Vertebrae philosophy.

The key to vertebrae is quality… to design, manufacture and refine our products to the highest possible degree which then results in significant performance advantages. Our core belief is the relentless pursuit of perfection. We also pride ourselves on our informative, up-to-date website, our rapid customer response time, and of course our extremely fast worldwide shipping.

Sustainability, the new wave of the future.

Lately, the bicycle industry has mistaken what should be an endemic trait and traded it in for a “lighter and cheaper is better” mentality. We opt for the “designed to last ages” philosophy instead.

We endeavour to use environmentally friendly packaging, processing and transport methods.

Our greatest reward is not one of profit – it is seeing vertebrae cable housing displayed with such pride on numerous bikes from all around the world. Because when you install vertebrae you are essentially sending us the message “I like your ideas and I’m willing to support you” and you could be a part of the vertebrae identity too.

Our free worldwide shipping offer will once again be extended until the end of September, 2012